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May 7, 2018








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Player Known Battlegrounds is a historical edutainment game about being a tour guide on the Gettysburg battleground. It teaches it's audience facts about the battleground, and also shows them to take life one day at a time.



It all started with a shit post. Steven came up with the idea for Player Known Battlegrounds after a series of stupid joke high concept game pitches he posted on twitter December of 2017. The game’s name was generated by means of deconstructing Player Unknown Battlegrounds, a hardcore battle royal shooter by Bluehole Studio and the PUBG Corporation; the idea was “Player Un-known Battlegrounds, except all the players and grounds are well known.” Therefore, the game was going to be about being a tour guide and presenting one of the most well-known battlefields in U. S. History – Gettysburg.


March of 2018 Steven pitched the game idea in his game design class and partnered with Atsina to create the game and make history engaging. They took inspiration from tour videos on YouTube, 360 pictures, and maps and scrounged the internet for as many specific facts as they could about each monument and intertwine that history with the lives of the in-game characters, each with their own problems, quirks, and personality to make the game truly memorable. The game was finished and released on May 7th, 2018.





. Handcrafted recreation of Gettysburg National Cemetery in cute MS paint aesthetic

. Over 100 lines of historical goodness

. In-game subtitles for hearing impaired.

. Next gen finger pointing action

. A whole lotta heart!





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Monetization Permission


The developers allow for the contents of Player Known Battlegrounds to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Player Known Battlegrounds is legally & explicitly allowed by the developers.


About Steven Harmon and Atsina Corrington



Steven Harmon is an independent game developer and artist living in Los Angeles, CA. Known for his work creating "angst ridden" walking sims and interactive memes.


Atsina Corrington is a game designer and developer living in Los Angeles, CA. Player Known Battlegrounds is her first official game release, and she hopes to release many more in the future.


Both Steven and Atsina are current Interactive Media and Game Design students in the school of Cinematic Arts at USC.


More information

For more information on Steven Harmon, please visit his site.

For more information on Atsina Corrington, please visit her site.



PKBG Credits


Design & Development                          Music

Steven Harmon                                Steven Harmon

Atsina Corrington


Voice Acting

Steven Harmon

Atsina Corrington

Maria Stamba

Nicholas Roush

Clerisse Cornejo

Quiana Dang

Maddie Smiley


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